Band Management

The Ithaca Concert Band is managed by its members on a volunteer basis. There are many opportunities for band members to get involved. We encourage everyone to share their enthusiasm, expertise, and skills. Those interested in volunteering should talk to the band president.

The band has an all-volunteer Board of Directors and several volunteers. Responsibilities of the Board of Directors are listed in the band’s by-laws. Briefly, the board comprises four Officers, four Directors, and between one and four Members at Large. Elections are held annually in February.


President: Julie Waters

Vice President: David Syracuse

Treasurer: Peter Miller

Secretary: Christine Evans


Personnel: Grace Demerath

Concert Production: Erika St. Denis

Publicity: Seth Adams

Fundraising: Steve Magacs

Members at Large:

Nan Pasquarello

Kelly Craft

Section Leaders

SELECTION: Individuals are appointed by the board to serve as leaders for instrumental sections (or combination of sections) of the band. The appointments are reviewed yearly by the board.

Flutes & Piccolos: Barry Hughes;  607-339-6122

Clarinets: John Greenly; 607- 255-7379, 607-533-8892

Saxophones & Double Reeds: Lisa Payne;  607-844-9742

Trumpets & Cornets: Julie Waters;  607-592-8657

Horns: Liz Eleck;  607-272-8351

Trombones & Tubas: Jim Lowe;  607-708-8021

Baritones & Euphoniums: Marty Waters;  607-273-4675

Percussion: David Syracuse; 607-592-7028 (call first), Ellen Matuszak; 607-273-8110 (call second)