The Ithaca Concert Band is a non-profit volunteer organization whose members share a common interest of making music together throughout the community. Band members are adults from all walks of life: physicist, social worker, teacher, machinist, ornithologist, orthodontist, engineer, carpenter, homemaker, veterinarian, credit analyst, graphic artist and accountant.

Flute/Piccolo Trumpet
Phil Krasicky Patricia Aubin
Flute Cliff Beckley
Beth Brunelle Cyril Bozonnet
Kelly Craft Mitch Collinsworth
Aran Hubbell Connie Deigl
Barry Hughes Zackary Downey
Gail Hughes Christine Evans
Nan Pasquarello Thomas Hirasuna
Sarah Ridenour Barry Peters
Sarah Tarrow Bud Rosevear
Oboe Kimberly Smith
Nancy Siemon Julie Waters
Ann Marie Thayer Geoffrey Whiting
Clarinet Susan Wohlhueter
Margaret Bracewell French Horn
Kathy Burlitch Grace Demerath
Susan Cook Liz Eleck
Karen Cushman Jim Singleton
Sean Denninger Mary Smith
Kathy Dimiduk Donna Stauffer
John Greenly Sally Wineholt
Katya Hrichak Trombone
Anne Logan Vince Aiosa
Sandy Podulka John Bracewell
Kayla Rossi Alan Burns
Wendy Sthokal Michelle Hulke
Donna Szczesny Jim Lowe
Suan Yong Art Ostrander
E-flat Clarinet Gram Townsend
Joanne Peters Peter Westin
Bass Clarinet Baritone/Euphonium
Cinnamon Mittan Vanessa Kern
Bassoon Stephen Little
Luisa Duerr Peter Miller
Pamela Hayes Marty Waters
Stephanie Roach Dave Wohlhueter
Alto Sax Tuba
Jacob Banasek Eric James
Bill Cushman Jeff Magacs
Chiara Marcario Ken Ottoson
Lisa Payne Percussion
Erika St. Denis Paula Cusano
John Paul Jones
Tenor Sax Steve Magacs
Seth Adams Ellen Matuszak
Ben Haefner Laura Preston
David Syracuse
Bari Sax
Sue Slivan

Bold/Italics denotes section leader.


Membership and Dues

Membership in the Ithaca Concert Band is open to all community musicians, although the band's members are predominantly adults.  Members are accepted based on the band's personnel needs and logistical requirements. Playing in the band is considered a privilege that entails responsibility, dedication, maturity, and enthusiasm for making music with other musicians of similar spirit and interest.

Generally, there are more opportunities for new members to join the band during the summer season. During the fall, winter, and spring, the band's musical needs can be more specific and exacting.

Prospective new members may contact the appropriate section leader, band president or vice president, or conductor to inquire about the band. Before officially joining the band, prospective new members will be directed to connect with the section leader to find out about current openings and needs within the section and to discuss the prospective member's musical background and availability.  Former members who wish to return after a seasonal or extended absence should also speak with the section leader.

Annual dues for a full membership in the Ithaca Concert Band are $25.00;  dues for additional family members are $12.50 each.  Dues are to be paid in full at the beginning of each season starting in September.  Payment of dues gives membership privileges, including full participation in rehearsals and concerts, listing of the member's name in concert programs, voting eligibility, and access to any other activities or services sponsored by the band.  Dues for those individuals who wish to participate exclusively in the band’s summer concert series are $12.50.  Summer dues for additional family members are $6.25.  Payment for the summer season is due at the first summer rehearsal attended.

In cases of financial hardship, the Ithaca Concert Band president or treasurer may reduce or waive an individual’s dues.  The band president or treasurer will consider requests for dues reduction on a case-by-case basis.


All band members are expected to attend rehearsals regularly. This is especially true of dress rehearsals (the rehearsal immediately preceding any concert). To be eligible to play in a concert, you must attend the dress rehearsal and at least one of the two rehearsals immediately preceding the dress rehearsal. Exceptions may be made only by the conductor, whose decision shall be final.

It is the band member’s responsibility to notify his or her section leader about any planned absences. Remember, your music folder must be at the rehearsal even in your absence, so plan accordingly. If you must miss a concert, notify your section leader as soon as possible so arrangements can be made to see that your part is adequately covered.


LOCATION: The band rehearses every Tuesday evening from 7:30 until 9:00 p.m. at the First Congregational Church, 309 Highland Road in Ithaca.

SETUP: Chairs, stands and folders are set up and taken down by band members before and after each rehearsal.

MUSIC FOLDERS: Members are permitted to borrow music folders and must sign them out at the end of rehearsal in the sign-out book by the door. In addition, band members must find a way to return the folder at the next rehearsal even if not attending the rehearsal.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Announcements are usually given at the podium during rehearsal breaks and may be given by any member who has pertinent information for the band. There is a short break midway through each rehearsal. Announcements are also shared via email by band officers to band members in good standing.


CONCERT SCHEDULE: The concert schedule will be arranged and shared in advance of the concert dates. The tentative summer schedule will be announced the first week of June or earlier. When performance opportunities arise on short notice, the membership will be polled as to their availability. The board will then issue a decision based on the interest shown.

CONCERT ATTENDANCE: Members unable to perform in a concert must notify their section leader as soon as possible thereby enabling their part to be covered.

SET UP: All members are required to help with setting up and transporting of equipment. During the summer, a sign-up sheet will be posted at rehearsals. 

CONCERT VENUES: Our outdoor concerts require special planning by all members. Everyone should wear clothing appropriate for the weather and bring items such as water, sunglasses, and hats, as needed.

CONCERT PROGRAMS: Our concert programs are chosen by the conductor. Suggestions are always welcome.


Winter Concerts: 
    Men: "tuxedo look" (tuxedo or dark suit with bow tie, white shirt), appropriate shoes. 
    Women: Black blouse with black skirt or slacks, or black dress, appropriate shoes.

Summer Concerts: 
    Men and women: White shirt or blouse, black slacks, shorts, or skirt, appropriate shoes. 

CONCERT PROCEDURE: Members should arrive at the concert location to allow time to unpack, warm up and become acclimated. Members usually need to be on stage 30 minutes before curtain time so the band can tune and warm up on stage. Extraneous noise and talking should be kept to a minimum. Members should check to see that music is in the proper order and necessary accessories (reading glasses, mutes, reeds, clothespins, etc.) are present. The concertmaster (first chair clarinet) gives the cue to stand and face the audience when the conductor enters. During the concert, stay alert – anything can happen or change. Watch the conductor. If the conductor motions for soloists or the entire band to stand, do so quickly being sure to face the audience and smile.