Help support the Ithaca Concert Band. Contribute $25 or more and receive concert announcement  invitation to special events and more. Send your contribution to:

Ithaca Concert Band, P.O. Box 902, Ithaca, NY 14851

To acknowledge the generosity of our donors, we now have several levels of sponsorship:

Podium Club: Dr. Frederick J & Beverly H Young

Patrons: Robert & Faith Chase, donations in memory of John Magacs

Benefactors: Carl Ginet & Sally McConnell-Ginet, Stephen Hand, Mike & Mary Lucas, Drs. Sara & Aaron Pines, Barbara Waters, donations in memory of Charles Allaben

Donors: Gregory Albrecht & Victoria Zeppelin, Marian Blanchard, Alice Garmezy, Peter Harriott, Thomas Hirasuna & Jean Hunter, Susan Luther Koon, Eve Levinson, Cynthia & Joe Mannino, Art & Carrie Ostrander, William & Barbara Pardee, Barry & Joanne Peters, Stephanie Roach, William & Kathleen Starkweather, Sidney & Susan Tarrow, Greta Young, Dave & Susan Wohlhueter, Anonymous

Friends: Curt & Ann Ashman, Gayleen Austen, Priscilla Barber, Beth Brunelle, Leland & Mary Carmichael, John Carpenter, Gregory & Katherine Clark, Richard & Edythe Conway, Clare & Helen Cotton, Marian Cutting, Terry Davis, Connie Deigl, Kathy Dimiduk, Pamela Hayes, Roy & Ev Hogben, Barbara Hulbert, John Jones, Ralph Jones, Nancy Krook & Anita Brenner, Janice Lawrence, Georgian Leonard, Audrey Lowe, Jim Lowe, Jack & Janet Lowe, Steve Magacs, Jane Marcham, Robert & June Nafis, Lucinda Noble, Bill & Joyce Paleen, William & Lisa Payne, Ed & Marcia Pepke, Beth Peterson, Fred & Rita Quinlan, Donald & Janice Railsback, Bonnie & Milo Richmond, Beverly Schaufler, Nancy Siemon, Jean Storandt, Jim & Wanda Stouffer, Robert & Linda Syracuse, Herbert & Barbara Thomas, Margaret VanHoutte, Marty Waters, J. D. Wayman, Fred A. (Ben) Williams, Alene Wyatt, Anonymous

Corporate Sponsors:

Community Arts Partnership

Ithaca Downtown Partnership